What is an “aparejador”? is it not enough with the architect?

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I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been asked this, you’d be amazed if you knew how many doubts exist regarding these two figures…

Even among these professionals!

So do not feel bad if you do not understand well the difference or what role each one developes in your project because, as I say, confusion is widespread.

If you want to solve your doubts, keep reading.

To begin, you should know that:

Technical architect = aparejador = building engineer

Due to changes in curricula in recent years, new names have arisen for the same person but do not get confused, they are all the same.

The most widespread is to call him aparejador so for convenience we will use this one.

Well, to answer what the functions of these two figures are, I fear you will have to read up and down the LOE or Act 38/1999 of 5 November on Building Ordinances. 

That, or read the following summary we have done for you on their tasks in construction management 😉



He will usually be the author of the project and in the work, he will handle a direction of general scope, that is, he will observe the correct development of the technical, aesthetic, urban or environmental issues, according to the building permit and he will ensure compliance with all conditions of the project. I like to imagine him as a bird’s eye view of the entire work execution, looking for serious bugs that could cause irreversible problems.




He will perform an exhaustive construction management, ie, the supervision and control of the correct implementation by the builder of what was projected by the architect. He must control the quantity and quality of what is built. Think of him as a perfectionist friend in your work, which is in charge of carrying a checklist of every detail of the work.



Since this post is focused on the construction management phase, we will not get into the skills of an architect and the quantity surveyor.

We have done so because the vast majority of cases, you’ll need hiring an architect on the one hand and on the other, an aparejador.

In any case, if you want to know the necessary figures provided by law and that converge in each type of work, we will write another post to pursue the subject.


Is your doubt finally solved? else… I will be answering every comment!


I am Architect, I started my career in Marbella (Málaga) and I set up my second study in Fuengirola. Currently I help people all around Andalucía to design and build the house of their dreams, accompanying them until the end in this small jungle that is the world of construction.
I will give you all my experience, not only in house designing, but also in the search for construction companies and other professionals that involve most of your budget and I’ll help you choose the best for the best price, for you to save big money.

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