The million dollar question: Buy or build? [Advantages and disadvantages]

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¿To buy or to build?

Something tells me that in Spain, the percentage of people who made themselves this question is worryingly low. I dare say that less than 20%.

That is, 1 out of 5 people will directly search for flats or houses already built, who knows how long ago, to live there for the next 40-50 years.

Perhaps, the fact that it’s not as frequent as it should, converts it in the question that everyone should be thinking about before acquiring a home.


Whether they are wrong or not, let’s see where the advantages and disadvantages of each option are and, as always, you judge.


In any case, as an architect, I have to tell you that I am vocationally oriented to construction, my heart tells that it is what has to be done.

But I want to expose that reason, in this case, is as or more powerful than the emotional issues and if you do not believe me… read on!




1. You do not have to wait


The main advantage that i usually hear is not having to wait.

Certainly, it is an emotional key factor being able to say, “tomorrow, I move to my new home.”

We will not deny that, if you want a home that perfectly fits you, you will have to wait, say, between 6 and 12 months depending on the size. Yes, in construction, it does matter.

In any case, perhaps we should really consider whether one year is a long time from another point of view because …

What is 12 months in life compared to 40 years you intend to live in the house you’re buying?


2. You eliminate the process and “you get out of trouble”


There are people who are terrified in front of problems and new challenges. I admit I was one of them.

And yes, in order to build your own house, you will have to:

And a big etcetera of taks.

Anyway, depending on who you are, you can see it as a real headache or as a source of energy, spirit and enthusiasm for next year.

Have you noticed that when you have projects in your life is when you wake up in the morning with more motivation?

Attached to the wrong person, as I say, to build can mean a source of negative stress, anxiety and discomfort, but who knows?

ventajas de construir una casa motivación

Having your own home under construction can become undoubtedly one of those hiper motivating projects.




1. Save 20% on the market price.


Yes, why do you think they are still selling houses on the “Costa del Sol” as if they were hotcakes?

Because, for the builder,  It has never ceased to be a very profitable business.

It’s simple, when you buy, someone is making money. There’s no turning back.

I do not say it’s wrong or anything, it is a business like any other. But if you do it yourself you will absorb the benefit of the promoter.


2. You do not need to reform

Colouring of the constructed house by a paint. Image with clipping path.

I myself fell into this mistake a few years ago when, after months and months of searching, I decided to buy an apartment with my wife.

So be warned, you should know that in the vast majority of cases the new owners end up making a reform. Why?

It is normal, even though you think you could fit to that house, it was not designed for you but for someone else or directly, to no one in particular. The fact, whatever the case is that you and your circumstances are special and unique.


3. Your house will not have any hidden flaws


You’d be amazed to know the number of surprises that 30 years old couples get, a few months after buying their new home (recently painted). They start to see how the walls get wet, the downspouts begins to give problems and a long etc. of problems that could arise and that are not easily visible at first.

You can eradicate this, of course, by being a direct participant in the construction process.


4. Everything is thought for you and your family.

In my opinion, only this aspect is worth to build your own home.

Think about it, a house that is designed and intended exclusively for you, your family, aimed to satisfying the way you live, the way you are…

If there are 4 rooms is because you have 3 children who love to have their own space, if there is a beautiful garden it’s because you’ve always wanted to see your kids running around with your Golden Retriever, if there is a garage with 2 places and double output is because you never liked maneuver and columns are yoiur enemy, if there is a home cinema or a billiard, foosball and bar room is because you love cinema and leisure.

Do you want me to continue? Certainly, for me, all that is priceless.


It is a unique emotion, felt only by those who embark on the adventure of building their own home.


So, instead of buying a house that has 50 years to save trouble and move out as soon as possible… you may still think about enjoying an unique and exclusive design, to avoid the more than likely three months of reforms, any vice that you have not seen and all this, cheaper by 20%.


For me there is no choice, let’s build everybody!


And you, what do you think they are the advantages or disadvantages of building your own house?


I am Architect, I started my career in Marbella (Málaga) and I set up my second study in Fuengirola. Currently I help people all around Andalucía to design and build the house of their dreams, accompanying them until the end in this small jungle that is the world of construction.
I will give you all my experience, not only in house designing, but also in the search for construction companies and other professionals that involve most of your budget and I’ll help you choose the best for the best price, for you to save big money.

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