The biggest mistake you could make while building your house

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Hello! Today I come to tell you about one of those taboo subjects, tricky, to say the least, that not all construction professionals are willing to admit. You can even receive advice in the opposite direction.

lobo-vestido-de-ovejaI’ll give you my opinion and then judge for yourself, okay?

Well, the number one mistake and certainly the one which most money in the short and long term can cost you when it comes to build the house of your dreams is, what I call, mixing the wolf with the sheep.

Let me explain.

Although, for this, you have to know clearly about the tasks of the project manager, the builder and the execution manager (aparejador). If you have not already done so, I recommend you read this post, which talks about architects and surveyors.

In any case I’ll make you a mini summary:

Project Manager: He is responsible for, in general, everything is built according to the project and also certify that everything has been done correctly so that you can pay the builder for the work done. Usually he will be the architect.

Surveyor (aparejador): He is responsible for, in detail, the work to be executed correctly in terms of quality, quantity and in accordance with the project. Usually it will be a technical architect.

Builder: He will build the house and will lead the workers, who will usually be part of its own staff. It will be, of course, the biggest beneficiary of the construction of your house, as they tend to have margins of 10-30%. Well deserved! to organize a work is no game and carries its risks. But we must clearly say, the builder is the one that enriches the more in this guild.

Known these three figures, and with the introduction, it will not be difficult to understand where many inexperienced promoters miss their money.

It get out of their hands when two, or the more extreme madness, all these figures are part of the same team or company. It would be something like everyone against you.

You’ll see it clear with two clear examples, each more extreme:



2 Vs 2

Imagine your surveryor is the owner of the construction company that will build your home. Now imagine they have made a mistake, one that can be ignored and you’re not going to find out in a little while. Or worse, they have installed, on purpose, a lower quality material than stipulated but it’s something inside the house and you will not be able to see it.

Now, imagine that this gentleman, surveyor and owner of a construction company (who, after all, has come to your work to make money) in the dilemma of:

1. Take his mistake and re-do a job poorly executed, doubling or tripling his costs.

2. Keeping quiet as a “lil bitch” until someone realizes later and, so far, to charge the money.


Look, if you or the third figure, the project manager, were not there at the time when the error was made to realize about it… (and I assure you it would be more than normal because the project manager usually visit the work one or 2 times a week)

Who knows which way would the builder choose?

I’ll tell you, you have to be very lucky for him to choose the second option.

Now the last example:



3 Vs 1

Imagine the same case but in which also the project manager is the surveyor’s brother and they work together. There you could be really fucked. You really are in their hands and you they can cheat you where you least expect it, and unless you are Antonio Gaudí or Mr Florentino Perez, master builders, you’ll not find out about it not even in your wildest dreams. In addition if, God forbid, they are bad people, in a few months you will be totally bankrupt. But hey, that’s not usual, so… take it easy! there are many honest professionals on the street.


But where were we…? the latter situation does not seem very balanced. You understand now, right? 😉

Finally, I will share with you a final opinion and eventually my recommendation.

Architect and surveyor (project Manager and surveyor) will be your best partners and allies during the construction of your project, they are people who, if interests are not mixed, ensure you and will do their job better and more concentrated.


How do you get this? I’ll give you my advice:



1 Vs 1 Vs 1 Vs 1

Eliminates temptations. Hire separately each of these professionals and, if possible, that they do not even know each other. Although this will take longer, it will be the only way all of them to fight faithfully for interests and undoubtedly will be better invested time in your project.


From now on, politely decline the offer when the builder offers to provide a surveyor or a project manager, try not to mix them if you can avoid it.

With this I finish, I wish you a happy project and will be waiting for you on comments!


I am Architect, I started my career in Marbella (Málaga) and I set up my second study in Fuengirola. Currently I help people all around Andalucía to design and build the house of their dreams, accompanying them until the end in this small jungle that is the world of construction.
I will give you all my experience, not only in house designing, but also in the search for construction companies and other professionals that involve most of your budget and I’ll help you choose the best for the best price, for you to save big money.

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