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We design your project and help you to get the license in the shortest possible time. We will quote you according to your needs so that you can economically adapt to any of our options, besides, if you don’t make yourself well with plans and blueprints, we will perform infographics so you can  see it built before placing the first brick.

– Projects in record time.

– Adapted quotations based on your budget.

– 100% visual.


If you have an idea in mind but do not have much time to spend, we take care of everything. We will go one by one throught all stages of your project with the same passion and enthusiasm that if you did it on your own.

– Leave it on us.

– Design + Construction.

– Comprehensive management of your project.


This insurance covers the damage affecting the foundation and the structure of a new building for a period of ten years since its construction. Hiring is mandatory for any residential building of new plant purporting to be sold during the first ten years of his life.

So that individuals who decide to build a house for themselves, not sold during this time period are excluded from the obligation. It is what is known as self-promotion.

It formalizes insurance to complete the works, being required to indicate the policy data and receipt of payment in the writing of the new building which is performed upon completion of construction (work completed declaration). Although previous efforts must begin before the start of the works to avoid problems with the same.

Today is compulsory recruitment, thus is picked up by the Law of Construction Planning (LOE) of 1999 and in 2007 the Technical Building Code (CTE) is to collect the same conditions that the LOE .
The Technical Building Code explicitly includes the obligation to carry out a geotechnical study for all building works, except those that meet the conditions siguientes5:
1. Make it a technically simple building.
2. little constructive entity.
3. From a single plant.
4. Do not have residential or public.
5. That can not affect the safety of the people.

So a housing, basic it does not meet these conditions because it has a residential character, besides affecting the safety of people, so the need for geotechnical study is clear according to the CTE.

Add that is not to be mandatory but the same Technical Building Code includes in its Basic Security Document Structural Foundation (DB SE-C), not only says that you need the geotechnical study, but even says it should be the field survey and what should be the explicit content of the geotechnical study.

A blueprint is the first analysis is made of both urban, economic possibilities, as functional of a plot and the building that on it is intended to build, to make the decision to make the corresponding final draft of this building if the results of this analysis have been favorable and quite make the project viable. Therefore, from this stage areaarquitectura.desing sometimes we call feasibility study.

It is a vital first step of transcendence, it depends on the start our project safely or doubts whether this can be done or not. These doubts must disappear as soon as possible, preferably before starting the project, so it is interesting that detected in the draft phase.


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