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But hey, what a scandal! ¿Architects through the streets with short skirt and a red evening bag?

No, although more than one would enjoy with that image, we do not mean that kind of prostitution, but one that does not get much attention, at least among those who are out of this world.

We are talking about dropping the fees to the floor, about hard work (or not so hard), about work well done, about hunger or dropping your pants, very nearly literally.

Because in recent years I have seen it all:

– I’ve found myself unwillingly drawn into a “pseudo public contest” where I had to battle with 15 companions and deal every day with the now so typical “he does it for half of your price,” or the no less customary “you low your price or there is nothing to do”.

– I’ve seen people haggling to absurd limits, with that house where they want to live the next 40 years, watch out, 40 years.

– I’ve seen how colleagues attacked each other as if they were in the middle of a dense jungle of the Amazon fighting over a piece of meat.

– I’ve seen “cheap” projects that completely ignored the Technical Building Code, with all that may entail.

Well, honestly, today few things surprise me.


Is this what we the architects want?

Do you think that you, who are going to hire us, will take profit from this fight?


My opinion: Absolutely not.

There are people who say that competition is always good, which requires professionals to do their best, but not in this case, when you get to do things feeling uncomfortable, not when you feel the injustice that is being committed, not when you almost lost your dignity for getting a job or to please a customer.

Because that’s when the rush comes, the loss of illusion in what is being done, the reluctance and ultimately…

The bad works that, eventually, will cost you a pretty penny.

So, if you need an architect, then, hire him, and pay his fees.


What other guild besides the construction one can you hear… “Hey, he does it at half price”?

Can you imagine the patient asking the doctor to get his fee to the half?

Or telling the dentist after he removed a tooth: “No, I do not like your prices, you’ll have to low them because my life is so hard”

Or tell the baker that loaf of bread is very expensive, that you want a 2×1.


The fact is: this is not done out of this world.

In order to finish, since this post seems a staunch defense of the architects, I want you to know that it is also for your own defense as promoter, so you get a job well done, so remember this:

A good architect will take care of you, he is your right hand along the whole work and he saves you money, lots of money. His fees are more than paid with the savings generated both in the work and long-term consumption and maintenance.

So if you want your architect to do all this for you, allow him to work comfortabily and he will be the best partner, companion and defender you will have along your project.

I will wait for you in comments!

I am Architect, I started my career in Marbella (Málaga) and I set up my second study in Fuengirola. Currently I help people all around Andalucía to design and build the house of their dreams, accompanying them until the end in this small jungle that is the world of construction.
I will give you all my experience, not only in house designing, but also in the search for construction companies and other professionals that involve most of your budget and I’ll help you choose the best for the best price, for you to save big money.

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